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An in depth sex maneuver when a man shits(coco-) on his balls(-nut), then cums on them(cream-), and finally shoves his balls into a vagina(-pie). The coconut cream balls can also be used to tea-bag an unsuspecting victim for comedic effect.
Jennifer: What did you say he did with his balls?
Betsy: He gave me a Coconut Creampie for desert. It was fantastic.
by CMonster August 17, 2012
A semen filled vagina resulting from an interracial gang bang.
A group of us went down to tha hood and gave a slut a coconut creampie.
by I_killed_Kenny October 28, 2006
an insane amount of rough,sexual intercourse resulting in rock hard nipples. the male of the pair is about to cum, he rubs the females nipples ( the nipples are located on the boobs or the "coconuts") and then cumming all over her vagina and bush.
girl- "oh god yes!!!!! oh god! yes! yes! yes! harder! faster! harder!"
guy- "i am cumming!"
girl- "rub my fucking nipples!!! give me a, yes! a coconut cream pie!!!!!! FUCK YES!"
guy- rubs the shit out of her nipples extremley hard and cums all over her vagina and bush. "yeah!"
girl- " FUCK YES!! HOLLY SHIT!!!"
by yourvag April 07, 2011

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