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A penis surrounded by pricky, stubbly pubic hair.
He needs to shave again - his cocktus is killing me.
by McMunchie April 13, 2008
A Mexican penis.
Jose whooped out his cocktus and we got it on. It was muy caliente.
by The Crumpetts April 08, 2009
when a cactus arm resembles a cock
damn that cactus has a cocktus
by garmac900 October 27, 2011
A sex toy closely resembling a cactus. When it is inside a woman, gives birth to a cactus. Popular among pirates.
Person 1:Allyson and Blake had a cactus-baby!

Person 2:How the hell???

Person 1: They bought a cocktus.

Person 2: OUCH. They're hardcore.
by MagicalMissMuffins January 27, 2010