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A combination of drugs, usually three or more, for HIV treatment also known as HAART (highly active antiretroviral therapy)
Debbie: So how long you've been positive, Ben?
Michael: Mother?
Debbie: Is just like to know.
Ben: That's ok. I'm fine with that. 5 years.
Debbie: What your T-Cell count?
Ben: Six hundred.
Debbie: Even been hospitalized?
Ben: No not yet. he knocks wood Not would.
Debbie: Viral load?
Ben: Undetectable.
Debbie: On the cocktail?
Ben: Anti-virals.
Michael: What the fuck you think you're doin'?
Debbie: This is the reality, sweetheart. And you're just gonna have to live with it.
by Virg1l July 30, 2009
13 35
1. An iced drink of wine or distilled liquor mixed with flavoring ingredients, something resembling or suggesting such a drink. Came from a bartender who mixed her drinks with rooster tail feathers. One night a man came in and asked for "One of those cock-tails", and thus the phrase was born.

2. A solution of agents taken together for medical treatment
1. James knew that if he had another cocktail, he would pass out right then and there.

2. James is only alive right now because he is on an AIDS cocktail.
by Kathe August 22, 2005
174 36
The milky white beverage that shoots out of the penis during ejaculation.
A girl blows a guy. He ejaculates.
Girl: "Nice cocktail"

Friend: "So how's the relationship going?"
Guy: "She blew me last night."
Friend: "Oh my gosh, that is AWESOME!"
Guy: "But that's not all; when I cummed, she swallowed all the cocktail, and smacked her lips!"
by iHarteSax June 23, 2011
37 35
1. When a man puts his penis between a girls legs and through the buttcrack so it sticks out like a tail
Lance said Sally was looking good, so he gave her a cocktail for her birthday.
by Rockhardabs September 24, 2011
28 30
Drinks made for the feminine kind and should not be consumed by guys or they will be - just like creatures that do not resemble anything on Earth so we call them, creatures of the 3rd kind.

Cocktails are restricted to only females to consume whom randy males will find attractive because they are sexy and drinking a coctail in a very suggestive "V" shaped glass.
wingman: she looks hot drinking that drink, for some reason I want her....
me: that's the power of the female form drinking cocktails from a very suggestive V shaped glass
by He was born that way June 13, 2011
5 11
Going out to get some drinks with your friends in hopes of bringing home a lady.
Hey man, lets go out and get some cock-tail tonight.

Wayne struck out on cock-tail night.

Justin is the master of cock-tails.
by jones3jd January 21, 2010
0 7
Derived from Cock (male genitalia) and Tail (referring to females) and the general meaning of mixing when the word cocktail is involved.

1) CockTail being a male and a female couple. They can be romantically involved, or sexually, or both.
Though usually having a purely sexual meaning, the two can be in a platonic relationship.

2) Can also refer to one person's significant other.

In either of these situations, it can be labelled 'drinking' one's cocktail.
1) Dude, my brother's in a cocktail. They're so loud!
1) Dude, my brother drinks a cocktail now, they're so loud!

2) Suzy was talking to her cocktail yesterday and didn't even wave when she passed me!
2) Suzy was drinking her cocktail yesterday and didn't even wave when she passed me!
by Thoor Tayret February 23, 2011
6 21
a cocktail is a blunt,or joint laced with crack cocain
man you want hit this cocktail an get the nummy lips.
by mr wizz 89 December 29, 2009
11 28