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N. The act of running whilst naked, cock in hand, from a woman's vagina to reach her face before you climax. The ultimate goal being the act of busting-on-face. Many elite slayers of women around the globe are familiar with this term and have even formed cockrunning clubs. Dual cockrunning races and events are also sanctioned by the Cockrunner's Association of America.

V. Cockrun, cockran.
N. "I gave her a cockrun to finish the evening and celebrated by enjoying a sandwich and leaving her in the closet."

V. "I cockran all night on Samantha, her face ended up looking like a soggy donut on an ozone alert day."

Used with exclamation: "Cockrun!" - Used to express joy, anger, or other emotions. Cockrunning takes many emotional forms.

Variations: Cocksprint, Cockjog.
by Domechristos Kanlindza July 16, 2010
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