v. the intention of using your cock, but only to be used in respect to a situation where you are being cock blocked
"Sam told Susie that she didn't cock block the night before, because there was no cockling to cock block to begin with"
#cockle #cockles #cockler #cockled #cock
by k don October 22, 2007
Top Definition
Short name for a member of the professional paintball cheerleading group Pretty Cocklings, supporting team Ugly Ducklings
Wow look at that Cockling - she is hot, I wanna marry her !
#pretty cockling #cocklings #paintball fan #cheerleader #ducklings
by FreddieDK June 11, 2009
to gargle with cock.
Freddie: Karina's Breath sure smells great!
Annie: that's Cause she was cockling this morning!
#cock #penis #wang #gargle #fresh breath
by Freddie_Fresh November 14, 2007
A small child fascinated with his own penis.
"Martha, I'm worried, I think our little Tommy is a cockling."
by Treble June 16, 2003
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