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1. (Noun) A derivative of the term “Blowjob.” Popular amongst “Tendersluts” – whore wannabe’s.

2. (Verb) to stuff ones’ mouth with excessive chicken (commonly used amongst pre-schoolers)
Person 1: I love Cool Whip.
Person 2: No you don’t slut! That white stuff’s from cockinthmouth!!!
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A derogatory term used to express one's dislike for someone. Definitely not something to be said around the family dinner table.
Hey cock in the mouth, where's my John Tesh cd's? Yer momma wants to listen to it while I spank her............
by Boss Hog July 31, 2003
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To have oral intercourse with someone (see citm)
Since you are on the rag, how about a little cock in the mouth?
by Merkin March 24, 2005
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asshole, jerk, loser; clusterfuck.

Pl. hotly debated whether plural form is "cocks-in-the-mouth" or "cock-in-the-mouths".
Did you have you review with that cock-in-the-mouth boss of yours?"; "Yes, I would change lanes if this cock-in-the-mouth would get out of my way."; "St. Patty's day in NYC is one gigantic cock-in-the-mouth.
by joebohobitz March 31, 2011
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