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Refers to someone who has ears made out of cock.
Hey Fermin, you got cockears.
by Smitty West September 15, 2010
swelling of the ear after having inserted a penis in to one's ear.
richard woke after a heavy drinking session to find that his ear was swollen after having inserted jonah's penis in to it.cock-ear.
by fodsta February 04, 2010
When some guy shoved a cock in jamie Steins ear.
OMFG!!111jamiestein is at it again, that cock is right in there.
by sephiroph towers April 23, 2005
A person with little to no intelligence, often indulging in thoughtless behavior as a result.
Look cock ears, I really need you to stop lighting off flares inside my house.
by thrayl August 05, 2008