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When a Wench is giving you a job. When You About To Cum You Put That Shit In Her Nose Then Make Her Snort It...

Originated in Houston Texas When Joshua Del Rio
sucking Dick In The Bayou When The Man

ask ed him if he Wanted Cockcaine But He Misunderstood What He Said For Cocaine...he Said Yeah.
So the Man Came Up His Nose.
I Gave That Bitch Munchkin some of that Cockcaine.

When She Snorted that shit she Was tearing up then she sac Taped me.
by raarooootheshittalkingdog June 18, 2009
20 32
The act of snorting cocaine off of a mans penis
Ex. "You think she's a virgin?!? She told me she wanted to blow some Cock-caine."
by Quentalto February 07, 2011
6 0
One who is so addicted to the male penis like it's a drug. A person said to be on cockcaine will try to get dick by any means neccesary including embarrasment or giving away their personal possesions.
I think Laura was on cockcaine or something...she wanted dick so bad she gave Eduardo the keys to her lexus and her ugz, which he later sold for staight up cash.
by masomenos December 24, 2006
12 11