a word used my many people in the state of Guerrero Mex.
Mostly used my paisanos aka (Pysas)
Meaning pussy or a womens vagina.
Pysa: Ese cocho!
Chilango: Que es eso?

Pysa: Pussy
Chilango:whats that?
by Grankin110 June 20, 2009
Top Definition
Vulgar Mexican Spanish word that has no equivelent in English. Mainly used in the dialects of the southern mexican states of Guerrero, Oaxaca..etc.
"Ora Cocho!"
by Lord Rodericus July 30, 2003
people from guerrero use this word, and some people from michoacan too.
it could mean different things.
it all depends on how you use it.

if you're not from those two places please don't use this word.
it's annoying when people try to use words that they didn't grow up with.
ORA COCHO! (in english this would be like a what's up?)

girl #1: me comi 100 tacos!
girl #2: cocho! (shit/fuck)

my mom: eres hija del cocho! (vagina)
by 100%calentanaANDWHAT August 22, 2011
Cocho is a mexican word for pussy. Also kmown as panocha or chocha.
Ivan: look at that girl's cocho salvador: what is a cocho.

Salvador has been Pussify
by vato locos December 01, 2003

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