Top Definition
The smell you get when riding a roller coaster when the guy in front stinks
Ooooh what coaster pong ,I think it must be that bloke in front pete?
I think your right Dave its hitting me like a sledgehammer
#pong #smell #coaster #ride #fun #smelly
by Youforyou July 04, 2013
When one rides a roller coaster at a theme park and the person in front is suffering from body odour.Making the passengers behind feel ill with the smell.
I went on the new Roller Coaster The terror of Lumb at happy World last Saturday and this bloke got on in front of us and we all suffered coaster pong!
Wish we had never gone on!
Why don't people care about the way they smell?
#smell #pong #coaster #scary #windy
by Rollerblader501 June 29, 2013
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