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A small town in Leicestershire, England, notable for it's high levels of retardation due to incest.
You don't want to go to Coalville, mate, They're a bunch of nasty, ignorant dipshits there.
by Spacedfanreturns October 01, 2007
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Town in North West Leicestershire inhabited by 'Coalvillans'.
Famous for mining when you were allowed to do that, now the home of every charity shop known to man and a pish poor market. The only Cinema (The Rex) was closed down over 20 years ago.
Inhabitants often wander around in a zombie like state wearing the traditional costume of saggy leggings and an oversized T-shirt with several days dinner noticable.
Avoid benefits day at the post office as this leads to an influx of visitors from the nearby Agar-Nook and Greenhill estates - not pleasent inbreds and drug dealers.
Ay Up Me Duck, I'm from Co'ville (Coalville).
by Dlcfc April 15, 2008
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A small town outside of the Salt Lake Valley populated primarily of narrow-eyed white people. Generations of inter breeding and religious dogmatism have lead to the distinctive narrow eyes and protruding noses that the residents of the area are known for. The locals generally enjoy clapping their hands in the street retardedly and repeating the phrase "that episode of Dog the Bounty Hunter was doggon hootin!"
Woman 1: why are all these people dancing and clapping in the street so retardedly?

Utah Tour Guide: Well mam, that's because we are in Coalville.
by Glen Beck II April 19, 2011
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