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A sexual or sexually educational right of passage in which an obese female pulls apart her buttocks and defecates into a male's mouth, which is pressed against the female's anus. The male proceeds to swish the turd in his mouth until it is liquified, if necessary. Subsequently, the female spreads her legs and the male mounts his lips onto the meat curtains of the female and purges the liquified load of shit into her vagina. Finally, the male punches the fat female in the stomach, precisely below the belly button, and the liquified dump squirts out of the female's vagina.
Yitzach: "I am a man! I had my first coalminer's lunch with Daniella yesterday. I shall remember that day for the rest of my life!"

Bartholemeu: "That sounds swell. Did she spread her cheeks and deliver the turd superbly, and did she squirt a lot?"

Yitzach: "Oh, she squirted alright, and the delivery was perfecto."
by zlater237 November 11, 2009
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