While engaging in a "69" the male on top sits up and punches their femal partner in the gutt. This causes the woman to sit up in to the anus while gasping for air.
Last night in the heat of the moment I gave Steph a coal miners daughter.
by Tim Bernard March 31, 2008
Top Definition
A girl takes a stool hardener until she becomes impacted. A guy then scoops the "coal" out of her ass into the mouth(coal car) of another girl that is waiting.
I was planning on giving her The Peanut Butter Cup but she said she was too stopped up to let me put it in her soupbean. So her cousin begged for a Coal Miner's Daughter!

She said my dick was too big to toss in her soupbean but I was able to talk her into a Coal Miner's Daughter!
by blueSiclone January 27, 2011
Gay White Trash
That gay with no neck and a farmer's tan is a total Coal Miner's Daughter
by themanch August 21, 2009

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