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Coachaholic: (n) coach-a-hol-lick

1. A person who is enfatuated with the Coach brand and buyes every Coach item available
2. Someone who is obsessed with Coach "The Dragon Slayer" from the Survivor tv series. This person often aspires to achieve the "warrior" status and will talk endlessly about Coach. Coachaholics also tend to not realize how full of himself Coach really is. These people aslo seem to think that they are superior to "non-warriors"
Coachaholic Girl: "Hey gurl! I totally went to the Coach store yesterday!"
Normal Girl: "Cool! Did you get a new purse?"
Coachaholic: "Yeah! And the sneakers, the scarf, the keychain, wallet, shirt..."
Normal Girl: *backs away*

Guy: "Dude, why does your shirt say 'Dragon Slayer' on it?"

Coachaholic: "It allows me to form an unbreakable bond with the 'Dragon Slayer' which alows my mental, spiritual, and physical being to be cleansed so that I too can become a warrior."
Guy: "Wtf are you talking about, that shirt's from Sears."
Coachaholic: "I wouldn't expect a non-warrior to understand."
by vball1346 May 23, 2010

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