aka "Hot Girl #37"
*looks at name tag* "Hey guys look at me, I'm Hot Girl #37!!"
by K May 08, 2003
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Highly underused and under-rated character of homestarrunner who does a great JJEEEOOORRRGGGHHHBBB
by Anonymous April 29, 2003
The pro rapper who either has a green body or wears a green jumpsuit. Nobody can really tell. I don't know what type of accent he has, but I do know that it's exactly like the one Bob Pinciotti from That 70's Show has.
"Okay, then.. take the care! Oh, and by that I mean tender love and care, not take my automobile."
by anonymous February 11, 2004
A crazy man from a different country who has a weird accent, sleeps in a locker room, and always is looking for a chance to start a nice, long verse of his hip-hop single, "these people try to fade me!"
Coach Z: the king's gone mad with power! he's tryin' to eat the chort! JOOORRRBB!
by IRS."It Really Sucks" November 19, 2003
One of the funniest character on Homestarrunner.com.
"I guess I'm just not cut out to say the word 'Jorb':("
by Danny Peterson January 09, 2004
The Coach from HomestarRunner.com that sports a green jumpsuit, an emblem with a phat 'Z' on it, and has a horrible accent. Talents include saying "job", blowing his whistle like a train's, and his extreme butt-patting action.
"FAHORGLINGRADS!!!!!!!" - Coach Z
"Coach Z, I thought I told you to never come here again." - Strong Bad
by mavhunter October 27, 2003
Someone with an overberring midwestern accent.
The Coach Z could hardly use the letters O or E.
by Matt July 02, 2003
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