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An excuse made so that someone can stay home from school/work and play a newly released Call of Duty
Guy 1: "Hey man. Where's Joe at?"

Guy 2: "Didn't you hear? He got the CoD Fever pretty bad"
by Disease 61 November 08, 2010
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The act of staying home pretending to be sick to avoid school, work, social events etc. in order to play Call of Duty.
Ryan: "yo ant, you goin to that rager friday night?"

Anthony: "nah man, i got a bad case of CoD fever"

Ryan: "go outside"
by warrior99 November 09, 2010
8 1
The fever which is an excuse for not doing anything social or being ill very contangious around finals and other important weeks or days.
Jack: Hey where's John at?

Joe: Hes at home with Cod Fever.

Jack: I hope it contangious.

Joe: Oh it is
by codfeverabuser February 15, 2010
9 2