the term means "he is an ace" in polish
this phrase is now a youtube sensation from a comment on the polish army man getting his hat shot down. It was poopularized by RayWilliamJohnson on his video DANCE DANCE DANCE.
*video of an impossible shot or perfect aim*

2 minutes later :
comments page: 300 comments of co za asy
by LaitsGo March 05, 2011
The term "Co Za Asy" made immensely popular by the Vlog by Ray William Johnson is Polish, "Co Za Asy = What an Ace"

he saw the term used in the comments of another video.
Most Failblog video's require the comment "Co Za Asy"

4Chan flood blocked the term "Co Za Asy" as soon as it started to be cool, Co Za Asy
by Trentwood March 01, 2011
Polish for "What an ace". Indicates an epic fail.
Guy 1: Dude, did you see that couch fall from the roof?
Guy 2: Co za asy.
by TheDoubleJ February 28, 2011
Polish phrase trending on YouTube. It roughly translates to "look at these aces" and is usually sarcastically used to point out a dumbass.
"I DON'T wanna marry someone if I don't have a job first."
"Co za asy...." (9 likes)
by Doctor Jello February 26, 2011
Co za asy” is a Polish phrase and video comment posted by YouTube user MrMal on a FAILblog video

Roughly translated: “As for the Aces”.

But peolpe say that the exact translation of the frase is: “What an Ass"

Use it if you see someone that deserves to be called an asshole
-Mary, look at that son of a bitch

- Yeah! What an Co Za Asy!
by Psykopat March 03, 2011
1. Polish for "What an ace" (roughly)
2. A forced internet meme thanks to Ray William Johnson, who thinks he is the shit. He was trying to pronounce polish comments in a video he was reviewing, and the tweens who watch him became enthralled with this phrase.
Jack: *falls down stairs*
John: Co za asy!
by R0FLBOB March 02, 2011
A Polish phrase whose translation is unknown, but is generally translated as "fail". It could also be used exclusively when someone Polish fails at something, or the fail involves Poland.
Jack: Dude, guess what?
Ben: What?
Jack: The Polish mover guy just broke our window trying to move our couch!
Ben: Co za asy!
by CozAAsy March 01, 2011
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