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A girl who looks classy but acts slutty at the same time.
Someone who has elegance and class but is a slut all the same.
Jake: "Oh Man! Why would you be such a cock blocker dude! I hear she's real classy"
Thomas: "Hell no dude! She's clutty once you get to know her"

Derek: "Dude! So I hear Michelle is officially a sorority sister"
Nate:"f'course man.. she's a clut!"
by caronalover August 23, 2010
Adjective (rheological); describes a viscous and sticky mouthfeel often attributed to cream cheeses.
"That cheese was a little bit clutty"
"Clutty? Don't you mean 'cloying'"
"No, clutty".
by LemsipMax June 17, 2012
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