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1) To have had sex with a woman. After this, you can say you have been clunged.

2) Completely Clunged
To have tasted and fucked an adequate (but hopefully impressive) amount of clunge.

Once you have successfully been clunged, you can die happy.
Man 1: Dude, are you still a virgin?
Man 2: Nah mate, I shagged Vicky last night.
Man 1: Ahhh man, you've clunged! I'm cooler than you though, I've had three clunges already.

*60 years later*

Man 1: (old man voice) Alright Horace, how you doing man?
Man 2: (old man voice) FUCK YOU JIM, I've shagged 76 women! I am Completely Clunged!
Man 1: (old man voice) Ah, I've had 77.
Man 2: (old man voice) (angry) Shit... (shouts) NURSE! Come in here a moment! I need some....assistance!
by manyperson August 10, 2009
Getting completely wasted.
similar to steaming/smashed/monged etc.
omg, your absolutely clunged you dirty alci.
by Dannnyyyy March 03, 2009
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