A white kid who is really white farts an then giggles afterwards; Gay fart
Patrick stood up an let out a clown fart, then giggled like a fat dick.
by JR October 29, 2004
Top Definition
When something smells funny, and it makes your nose turn red.
"WHEW, something in here sure smells funny! It must be a clown fart"
by kloomis May 09, 2008
A completely random sentence, or verse, with no validity.
"The Hakshoome toy recycling, and plastic fork manufacturing plant in Alberta." is a clown fart.
by Grim Realisation October 04, 2009
clownfart, when a clownfarts ,it smells like cottoncandy, and soundss like circus music
i had a clownfart today ,it shot rainbows out of my asshole
by mr.jerkass October 03, 2007
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