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Someone who chases men or women behind their partner's back, and who has a rep of being a great person that can do no wrong.
Marty is such a closet chaser. His wife is so gorgeous, but he still chases other women to inflate his ego.

No way, man!

Yep, he's a closet chaser, a real hypocrite.
by bad mama February 04, 2011
An in the closet Chubby Chaser.
Fat Chick's Friend-"How was your date?!?!"
Fat Chick-"It was good, he's realy into me but I think he's embaressed to be seen with me."
Fat Chick's Friend-"You mean, he's a closet chaser?!?!"
Fat Chick-"Yep, another one."
by Maryboberry09 January 14, 2009