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A cuddle-orgy, Filled with obnoxious cuddling hormones; A verbal, physical, or emotional cuddle act that is done by a person who is figuring out his/her sexual identity and cuddles with other like minded clorgical-forms- a pejorative term
Look at those geeks in that clorgy, Those clorgical-forms are really annoying, I heard Sally got in a clorgy last night with the drama geeks
by Adrian Cooper-Saco August 18, 2010
A clown orgy. Best performed with a large number of clowns inside a small buggy. Clorgies are enhanced by: rainbow afros, squeezable red noses, and oversized clown shoes.
Once the laughter and moans of pleasure become indistinguishable -- then you have a true clorgy.
by Moeris December 01, 2010