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The difference in the degree of orange between a cigarette's cherry and filter
The clorange of this cigarette is 3.
by TheRealClorange January 14, 2010
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1. A word you can use if you ever play the rhyming game and someone says the word "orange" but right in the middle of their victory laugh whip out the word "clorange"

2. The color a red head's hair turns after being in the pool too long
Dill: Okay, what rhymes with orange? OOOOoohhh!!!!
Tommy: Clorange.
Dill: *cries*
by UrbanNinja December 15, 2005
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Forced, polite laughter in response to someone's poor attempt at telling a joke or funny story.

Rhymes with orange.
His off-color jokes at the dinner party were met with clorange from his polite dinner companions.

She really did not think her husband's dumb jokes were funny, but to placate him, she feigned enjoyment with clorange.

Origin: The word originated in McLean, VA by a local high school freshman in early 2009. (He was trying to come up with a word that rhymed with orange.)
by YDIman May 02, 2009
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