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A nigger who puts on as much make up as a clown; a combo of "coon" and "clown"
Wow Niki Minaj is such a cloon.
by that blind kid March 19, 2013

Possessing excellent, impressive, or desirable qualities; a derivation from the surname of celebrity, George Clooney; good.


a familiar or fond name given to someone, signifying your appreciation of their fine qualities.


Outwit, upstage, or get the better of someone; bested.
That suit you're wearing makes you look cloon.

That guy is cloon.

That suit is the cloonest.

The opponent got clooned by his competitor.
by Roublard July 31, 2009
The lesser spotted black clown.

Everyone's seen a white clown, but have you ever seen a black one? Unlike clowns, 'Cloons' have straight rainbow colour hair as opposed to afro's. They are also not nice people. You should never approach one, let alone invite one to your kids party.

Not to be confused with Martin Clunes.
Those goddamn cloons have been eating my sesame cake again!
by ALittleFlffyOwl March 08, 2014
The typical shady and sleazy salesman whom often times smells of booze and sports a comb over. 'Cloons' can be found in many industries including, but not limited to: mattress sales, used car lots, door to door vacuum sales, Capital Meats, telemarketing, and the mortgage industry.
In the 10 minutes I spent looking at the cars on the lot I was harassed by at least 5 sales cloons. Eventually, I became so fed up with their cheesy spiels that I left.
by VanDangle February 25, 2009
A mix by the words "clean" and "cool".

For example when someone does a crazy trick in a clean way!
That 360flip was cloon!

That car was so cloon!
by ikkibakkea May 09, 2009
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