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A woman of extreme knowledge and heart. She cares more than all of your friends combined. Listens to others and gives you the shirt off her back. She carries herself with grace and diginity. She is a strong warrior and will have your back until the end of time.
That Clista is so caring!
#clista #clysta #grace #caring #warrior
by OoDaLolly November 17, 2011
Woman of truth and love. She puts the needs of others before herself, she always finds ways to share love and make others happy.

She is captivating. Loving her is easy to do when you choose to spend 5 minutes with her.

Everything about her speaks, You never want to leave. Truly a treat you think you could eat. She is that sweet.
1. When a friend needs to be loved Clista will drive 4 hours to do so.

2. Clista stands up for you when you choose not to. Clista always believes in you when you choose to believe in nothing.

3. You are in the presence of undeniable love when she is around.
#confidant #proven #trust #rely on #adore #like very much
by Spiritual Warrior Bride November 17, 2011
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