While drinking an alcoholic shot, the act of clinking your glass with a partner, sinking the glass to the table, then raising and drinking the shot.
Konefes invented "clink sink drink" while taking a particularly tasty shot of vodka.
by pomtor July 28, 2014
Top Definition
When drinking a combination shot, such as an Irish Car Bomb, or vegas bomb, where there is a small shot glass full of booze, and a pint glass half full of beer or red bull; the entire shot is consumed by dropping the small shot glass into the half full pint glass, typically preceded by a cheers. Thus Clink: raise and tap shot glasses, Sink: Drop shot glasses into pint glass, and Drink: Consume the entire beverage.
I bought a round of Vegas Bombs for everyone! Let's Clink Sink Drink!
by nicholas551 September 04, 2014
Drinking an alcoholic beverage, usually beer, at the same time with two or more people at the beginning of a social party/drinking game. Commonly used at the start of flippy cup, drinking a shot with others, etc.
Ready, Set, Go. Clink Sink Drink. (beginning of flippy cup)
by Steve Did not create this July 28, 2014
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