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undomestically disturbed; wicked; evil; steals alot
My neighbors considered my boyfriend was cleptic, so i had to break up with him.
by tatonka July 31, 2006
a slang word for cool, awesome, crazy, insane, used by the out crowd, like saying wicked. Its a quirkier way to say cool that we started using when everyone says everything is "awesome!"

can be used sarcastically, just like any other adjective.
1. So i got two tickets to the Evil Dead this weekend. Want to go with me?
2. Cleptic! i'd love too!

a. how cute are these shoes!
b. *rolls eyes* they're soooo cleptic.
by Feyra July 15, 2013
The word "Cleptic" is a derivative of a "Clepto" which is an action to steal. Cleptic has an entirely different meaning. Cleptic is used to describe something wierd, out of place or not funny.
"Oh that is Cleptic!"

"You are Cleptic"
by Mr. Tinez January 03, 2009

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