Any amount of semen found or left in a womans cleavage
After a titty-fuck, I left a wad of clemin between her boobs.
by blank1975 July 13, 2011
Top Definition
It's America's hottest new curse word.
(Family Guy s5)
Tom Tucker - "America's hottest new curse word, Clemin. We'll tell you what it means, after the break."
by BHendo November 21, 2006
A fake swear word invented by the writers of the hit show Family Guy in season 5:

It has no real meaning, but chances are, if it ever becomes part of the standard U.S. vernacular, no one will be allowed to use it on regular television shows.
Tom Tucker - "America's hottest new curse word, Clemin. We'll tell you what it means, after the break."
by FamFan June 27, 2009
1. The coagulated substance clinging to the bristly groin of a female who has done without washing or hygene for at least a few menstrual cycles. An inch or two layer of sour cervical tissue creating a plug of greasy steaming filth in and around the entrance to ones stench trench. Often resembling a brownish green scab with black wire protruding from it in appearance, but harbouring the acrid smell of hot cheese and rotting prawn cocktail.

Most well known for the permanent dark stain it leaves on anything unfortunate enough to come into contact with its hot moist surface.
"Oh my god, this burnt mincemeat looks like clemin!"
by ShaolinPete November 07, 2008
A clemin is the generic insult when you don't have an insult. Originally on the television show Family Guy, described as Americas hottest new swearword, but a proper definition was never given on the episode itself.

Often used by idiots and other people who can't form a proper insult. However if used well it can become quite humorous.

In essence it is an ambiguous swear word that is hard to define with a singular definition.
Bob: Hey Tim, I heard that your a dirty homo!
Tim: I am not, I quite like girls.
Bob: Well how come you've never had a girlfriend, and seem to not react to hot girls?
Tim: .... Shutup you.... clemin.
Bob: Oh very good you dirty little retard.
by Tempest Sharpe May 20, 2007
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