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is an Irish last name that is derived from O'Cleary, Cleireoch, and MacCleary. The motto for "Cleary's" is "Always faithful" or "Fidelity is my glory".

They tend to be sarcastic and upbeat. Usually always down for drinking a beer from about 12pm onwards. Mostly a happy bunch.
Person: Steve Cleary is a reliable clerk!

Person2: Yeah, grab Tom Cleary, he'll hang out with us at the pub.
by irishreppin October 24, 2009
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An accounting term for queries (revisions/corrections) that are so easy to do, that the manager could have cleared it immediately and saved everyone's time.
My manager gave me a ridiculous list of 50 clearies, it is going to take me about 20 minutes to clear them all.
by Arthur Andersen January 25, 2011
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(noun) A slang word for "Clear Eyes", a brand of eyedrops designed to make someones eyes look normal. Often used by young people who smoke marijuana to avoid being caught by parents, teachers etc.
Whose got clearies? Mum will be pissed if i rock up looking stoned!
by declanisromped April 20, 2008
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