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Pre-ejaculate; the clear viscous fluid that seeps or leaks from a man's penis when he is sexually aroused. Clear goo serves to rid the urethra of urine acid and serves as an FDA-compliant lubricant.
"Last night, Dylan's mom was giving me a handjob. It really hurt until some clear goo came out."
by David Wright Orange Park April 22, 2008
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Any viscous, sticky transparent colorless liquid, although usually in reference to an energy-curable resin, coating or polymer used in Graphic Arts; an Ultra-Violet (UV) or Electron Beam (EB)- curable coating or overprint varnish(OPV.)
"Yo, Dylan - bring over the 55-gallon drum of clear goo. We gotta overprint the stack of 4-color Jacksonville Symphony Posters."

"OK, Oscar...will do."
by David Wright Orange Park April 23, 2008
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