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A document distributed by Clear Channel communications to their radio stations following the 9/11 attacks, giving a list of songs that should not be played due to "questionable lyrics". Songs included were "Bodies" by Drowning Pool, "The End" by The Doors, "Rooster" by Alice in Chains, and the entire catalouge of songs by Rage Against the Machine. The list was really more a way for Clear Channel to continue pirating the airwaves by using a horrible tragedy as an excuse to not play songs they don't like. Unsuprisingly Clear Channel denied such a memo existed.
Listener: Yea I'd like to request "Brain Stew" by Green Day.

Radio DJ: Sorry but due to the Clear Channel Memorandum which doesn't exist we can't play that one. How about some nice, clean disco?

Listener: Goodbye forever (hangs up and goes to record stores and the internet for new music from now on)
by Gaaraofthedamned December 29, 2010
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