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1. (n) A person who behaves in a manner outside normal traditions or group theory. Person exhibits characteristics and mood of someone who does not belong to a particular event, group, and/or position in life.

2. (n) A person who disagrees with popular opinion or otherwise makes decisions or circumstances challenging that would normally be easy and effortless.

3. (n) A person who demonstrates tendencies of a homosexual nature.

4. (n) A person who also goes by the name Bill.
A: "Is he coming to the party or not?"
B: "No, he can't. He said he didn't feel like it."
A: "What a Clayton."
by Ma The Meatloaf March 28, 2013
Basically the biggest faggot you've ever met. We don't invite him to party's anymore cause he hit on your friends husband.
I don't like Clayton.. he touched my penis one time
by mtreadway111 July 08, 2014
Australian Slang

'Claytons is the brand name of a non-alcoholic, non-carbonated beverage coloured and packaged to resemble bottled whiskey.'

Promoted as; "The drink you have when you're not having a drink".

It is used to describe something inferior to the real thing.
Claytons Shower : Spraying your entire body with deodorant .. "the shower you have when not having a shower".

Claytons Bandage: Duct tape, torn cloth, etc.
by Ausmate May 06, 2011
A slang term for marijuana used in south denver (highlands Ranch/littleton). The term is used in a number of ways, when one says that they were 'chilling with clayton' or 'playing claytons video games' that means that they were smoking pot. The actual weed itself is refered to as claytons video games. Claytons birthday is april 20th.
stoner 1, "dude i just saw clayton"
Stoner 2, " oh really? i was just playing his video games."
Stoner 1, "omg i fucking love clayton! He makes me feel so good."
Stoner 2, "I would def go gay for clayton."
by vchs blows April 20, 2011
A Canadian Tire Employee who will be single handedly responsibly for the extinction of the animals used to make the Baconator.
Also voted most likey to die in a tragic Pallet Jack accident. And is allergic to soap and ladders :)
Clayton is a Master- Baser
by The Man 5544 December 22, 2009
orland park slang for a short cigarette. claytons come about by removing the cherry from a half-smoked hundo, and placing it back in the box to be finished later. the term is nearly exclusive to the region, but has confirmed uses in some illinois college towns.
stoner 1: man, i can't finish this entire marlboro 100.
stoner 2: then make a clayton out of it and finish it later.
by bozenda February 20, 2007
Another word for a female turkey.
Look at the stupid Clayton!
by P3anut G4llery May 04, 2006
noun; a total dousche bag who leads on girls and plays them. he is a fucking fuck face who is a dick head. if you have met one of these you will know by the awkward way he tucks in his shirt or his gross facial hair, or his grimy girlfriend. seek immidiate help if you find your self in an "clayton situtation".
A. Clayton
by dont hurt my bestfriend November 03, 2010