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Proper Noun, masculine and feminine. Plural: Claymonsters. Modernized version of "Claymonter," or one who hails from the community of Claymont, Delaware.

Anyone currently, or formerly domiciled within the unincorporated special district of Claymont, Delaware (at the most north-eastern border, along the bank of the Delaware River), a peaceful community of law-abiding, play hard/work hard, non-shit taking citizens, who will bounce you with a quickness if you think you are coming to Claymont to cause grief.

Specifically excludes any upright, tax-paying citizens voluntarily electing to retain the label of "Claymonter" as a conservative, uptight preference for status quo. All Claymonsters are Claymonters by birth or naturalization. Any Claymonter can become a Claymonster by legendary feat or accomplishment.

As contributed by David L.* on Facebook, "the term 'Claymonster' was started by a gentleman of the name Bobby C. name withheld until permitted. It came to be after being in George's bar Darley Road Tavern for several hours. …”. Claymonster also applies to the original tattoo design by Bobby C., not to be confused with other sad poser tats being drawn by losers.
Bobby C. is the talented artist who designed the "original" Claymonster tattoo and he has the balls to get medieval on a poser wanna-be.

My neighbor has a Claymonster tattoo! Teresa R.* contribution on Facebook.

Hey, when did we start being called "Claymonsters!!!" ... I'm not a Claymonster ... that's stupid and I don't like it.

Claymonsters from the Hill outclass all other Claymonsters for bravery, wit, and ass-kicking side-splitting mischief-making.

The only weapons a Claymonster ever needs is his/her wits, his/her mouth, and his/her balls.
by Outlaw Josie April 30, 2013
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A resident of Claymon, DE. Usually has a chip on his/her shoulder, especially when it comes to being associated solely with crackwhores, welfare recipients, and other undesirables just because there are a few in his/her hometown. They are a rowdy bunch so approach with caution. When they tell people they're from Claymont it is typically followed by an "ooh, hmm" as if the person asking has just realized they should be a bit wary. The Claymonster likes that. Regardless of the stigma surrounding them, most become successful, upstanding citizens, but they'll still whoop your ass.
1. Me and my boys were getting a little mouthy until a group of claymonsters shut them for us.

2. So a claymonster, ooh, hmm?

3. Don't piss them off.....claymonsters.

4. A claymonster, huh boy? Turn around and put your hands on the hood and spread, 'em.
by Monty78 December 01, 2011
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