An amazing, hot, sweet, and nice girl. She is utterly gorgeous inside out. She is very stubborn and gets what she wants. She does not bullshit people around and if she doesn't like someone she WILL tell them. She gossips a lot. This girl is a crazy sex kitten who can grind like theres no tomorrow. She is super in bed. Nice tits and ass. Has a great sense of style.

This girl is the biggest bitch ever, and she is proud of it. She can break boys hearts in seconds. Truly loved by her friends, desired by boys, object of jealousy for dumb bitches.
Oh damn, look at that sexy girl. And her name is Claudia! Jackpot!
by sexybitch444 January 31, 2011
This girl is truly special, a diamond in the rough. I can't let her go. I want her to love me forever.
Guy1: Check out Claudia
Guy2: I want her
Guy1: Go get her before anyone else claims her
by guyzguy November 30, 2011
Amazing person. A girl who is very liked and popular. She's very close with who she trusts. Ttypically very fair-skinned. Claudias are extremely pretty girls. They have the most beautiful eyes in the world. While they are very beautiful, they are also extremely insecure. Especially about their weight. While this is untrue and they are typically not fat at all, they can take things to the extreme and go overboard when they want something. They love to laugh, and are very funny people. They are the life of a party and are crazy dancers. Claudias may seem outgoing but they always have a shy side. They rarely cry, or get overly upset. They may seem perfectly calm at times, but there is a lot more going on than what meets the eye. However, in most situations, they will be the loudest, funniest, craziest people in the group. They won't be afraid to say what they think of you, and they won't say no to a dare. It's hard to stay mad at a Claudia, but be careful what you say to her, because she doesn't forget things easily. When you lose her trust it's hard to get it all the way back. Claudias are usually single. They are outrageous flirts, but truly always care about one special guy. He'll be on her mind forever, but she'll always have doubts. Whether you've only met her for five minutes, or known her forever, a Claudia is a girl you'll love forever.
"Man, who's that crazy girl over there partying?"
"Oh, I don't know, but she sure looks like a Claudia!"
by ExcuseMeI'mSpeaking45 December 21, 2012
Claudia is a Latin girl name. The meaning of the name is `Perservering. it is derived from the male name Claudius and the meaning of Claudius is "lame".
I would like you to meet my daughter Claudia
by shibatosh March 25, 2009
Claudia is all things to all people and a her greatest mission is to be a blessing and make a difference in any which way she can. An independant and free spirit she causes a whirlwind of chaos where ever she goes. Don't blink cos she will be gone in a flash. Here today, gone tomorrow. Freedom's just another word for nothing left to loose. Allergic to negativity and drawn to positivity. She is her happiest and one with the world she is dancing. Music is life and God is a dj. She is sensitive and craves honesty. She fears nothing but fear itself. Claudia holds loyalty above all else. She has your back to infinity and beyond beyond. A smile costs nothing and with love anything is possible. Peace, love, unity, respect. Thank you for having me. Let's party!
You say jump i say how high. No rules. Lekker to be lekker when your lekker. Talk the talk. Walk the walk. Thank you for listening. Now you see me now you dont. Sleep when your dead. If its too loud, too fast your too old. Only when you are left with nothing are you thankful for everything. As you were. What's not to like? With Claudia on your side the world is a groovy place.
by sunshineC September 12, 2012
Claudia is a very pretty and exotic girl. She's funny and has a good personality. If you don't know her she appears to be a horrible, catty person, but when you do get to know her, she's an amazing girl who's really funny, kind and down-to-earth.
-Claudia walks past laughing with friend-
Rosie: That Claudia girl is such a bitch!
Aaliyah: I know!
Me: Yeah..but she's actually really nice when you get to know her.
by ThePeopleKnower September 25, 2011
HOT! SEXY! FINE AS CAN BE! Shes a real stunner & your lucky to have her as a gf but watch out theres alot of guys after her ;) She is an amazing bestfriend and is always there! She is GREAT in bed & her body is as fine as can be :) Claudias have good bodys and a nice face! Perfect girl for a great guy! But when people be a bitch to her, it's world war 3! So dont mess with her!
DAYYYYYM look its a claudia, she is as fine as can be. I'd like to wake up to her ;) She has a killer body & shes baben.
by Abc123456Lol September 15, 2011
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