Crazy bitch whos dad threatend to kill your best friend
Dude claudia's dad threatend to kill me last night
by Giner 69er August 23, 2011
Top Definition
the most amazing person i have ever met. best friend and someone who will make you smile 24-7.
claudia's amazing.
by 525man August 30, 2008
An amazing, sexy, HOT, funny, nice, perfect girl who has the most beautiful eyes in the world.

Claudias make great girlfriends, especially if you just broke up with somebody else.
Dude, i saw claudia the other day, and i fell over just looking at her!
by Anonymous 302 January 02, 2009
As opposed to the name's actual meaning, Claudia's are so not lame, at all, whatsoever.

If you ever meet a Claudia, you won't regret it. Claudia's are the most amazing people in the world.

They are beautiful, but sometimes they won't realize it. You just have to let them know. They have beautiful hair, eyes, a beautiful smile, and the perfect shape. They tend to think they're fat at times though, just let them know that they're not.

They are really nice and fun to be around. Even if you're just sitting there, it's fun. Whenever you need someone to talk to, Claudia will always be there to listen to you. They're the best trustie that you can have.

Claudia's are always there for you, so they hate betrayal. If you tell them something, make sure you mean it, don't disappoint them.

It's guaranteed that you will fall in love with Claudia, so don't ever let her go.
Person 1: *smiles at text message*
Person 2: It's Claudia isn't it?
Person 1: Yea.... =)
by dtm1029 December 27, 2010
a kick ass girl who loves going to concerts and can grind like a wild animal! Guys drool over her fine ass and wish they could have her!
Wow! She sure is a claudia!
by reject56 June 27, 2009
Claudia is a feminine gender name. The origin is Latin and derives from Claudius, meaning lame, disabled.
This name relates to active minds and restless urge to explore new ideas. Combined with last name can, and most likely will, create greatness.
Claudia seeks change, travel, new opportunities and challenges. Her active, restless nature demands action and dislikes system and monotony.
Versatile and capable; with great vision and adept at formulating new, more effective ways of doing things.
by Claudina September 12, 2007
A very beautiful girl with an amazing personality, you will never forget her. She has all the qualities a girl needs, perfection, very wild at bed, she is funny, caring, sweet, with an amazing body that will leave you drooling. Girlfriend material. Her boobs are perfect and so is her ass. Her eyes are gorgeous and so is her face.Everything about her is so perfectly perfect (: she is also a very good friend, very trustworthy. Keeps any secret that is told to her. You gotta love Claudia's no matter what ! Very unique, there is definitley no one like this girl. Trust me.
Did you see Claudia, i want her to be mine.
by Claudia's admirer April 24, 2011
The hotest girl around! danm shes got nice boobs and is FENONMENAL in bed.

Best if you go out with her after a break up.

Really pretty, nice and can make you smile 24/7.
"I just broke up with my girl friend." "You should go out with Claudia! Shes always single and can make you smile"
by jjay76346886 December 28, 2009
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