good music basiccally the beginning of pushing the limit
real gangsta get your shit right ever heard of chuck berry or the blues thats what rock came from you douche lots of things in zepplin are blues influenced open your eyes every thing in rap is generated by someone else that cut and crap they need to learn to lay a reall instrument yeah somes good but you sound like a misinformed idiot that thinks whoever gets the most show time is really a better artist no its becausethere generic oh yeah another thing hendrix they dont allscream most actually sing unlike some rapping have you heard walk this way Aerosmith or jefferson airplane
oh i am mexican so obviously not kkk dumb ass
learn your shit before you start talking led zepplin acdc cream all great classic rock types its not a genre its an era so system of a down great band metallica not classic not been remember learn your shit
Classic Rock...
Everything that is pure and holy in music
Vocals that has a meaning

Guitar solos that adds a purpose to the song
Out of this world drum's that gives a sense to the song
Groovy bass groves that gives a song a personality.
Every Classic Rock song has a meaning to it, it's own soul, even life.
Really the ONLY music that will still be around when im walking the stairway to heaven.
Classic Rock. Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, Beatles, ELP, ELO, Buffalo Springfield, CSN&Y, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, Jefferson Airplane. And so many more
by Thecaddilacman November 28, 2009
a phrase commonly used in the english language, but is not actuly a word. classic is defined as "of the first or highest quality, class, or rank: a classic piece of work." and rock in the form it needs to be stated for this defention is "to move or sway to and fro or from side to side". so it tells us that classic rock is the best music
many popular bands form the 60's to the late 80's are considered classic rock.
by Paul Rathbun December 03, 2007
"Don't EVER think that Metallica], Quiet Riot], etc. can be described as classic rock. THAT'S OLD-SCHOOL METAL, YOU ASSHOLES!"
by rock n roll retro July 27, 2009
The best Genre of Music alive. Also with the best Bands. Led Zeppelin, The Beatles, Bob Dylan, ZZ Top. This list can go on for hours.
Guy who likes rap: yo did you hear lil' waynes new song lick the lolipop.

Me: what the fuck is lick the lolipop what were you watching MTV.

Guy who likes rap: nah man on dah radio. Dont you listen to rap?

me: rap is for retards with no life. Retards Attempting Poetry. add a C asshole. why dont you go to the music store by a nice Led Zeppelin album and tell me what sounds better. It's Called Classic Rock

Guy who likes Rsp: who the fuck is Led zeppelin. does a zeppelin rap good Beats?

Me: please go fuck yourself dumbass. if it werent for Led zeppelin there wouldnt be a rap you jackass. go kill yourself

Guy who likes rap: fuck you, bitch no one likes that shit

Me: yea fuck off dick.

by Classic Rock for life September 17, 2008
The music associated with the rock revolution from the 50's to the 70's
It's sickening when kids frown upon another for having month old rap "music" as it is "old", when classic rock, an extremely popular and kickass music genre, is as old as their parents.
by hamstereater February 28, 2012
A genre of music which spanned from about the early 1960's, starting with British Invasion Rock and The Beatles, to as late as the mid 90's, by which time most of "the greats" had died.
Classic rock is remembered and revered by most in society as the grounds for all forms of rock, many of which can be linked to a specific classic rock band, such as Metal to AC/DC, and Psychadelic Rock to Pink Floyd.
There is some descrepancy as to which bands are Classic Rock bands, and which bands were simply the first in their own area. some people group british invasion rock bands, such as the beatles and the who, seperately from Classic Rock, but most include them.
Many Classic rock songs are recognized by youth today, who dont even realize that someone actually CREATED such amazing music, and in some cases children actually believe that Classic Rock song exist from their "sheer awesomeness"
Each Classic Rock band has a distinct style, making the genre incredibly diverse and experimental, unfortunately, while the exact date of the end of Classic Rock is debated (some place it as early as the late 70's to as late as the death of Freddie Mercury in 1991) it is a general consensus that Classic Rock is no longer in the making, and while it may be listened to forever, will not progress any further than it already has
Generally agreed upon Classic Rock bands include:
The Beatles
Led Zeppelin
Pink Floyd
The Who
The Ramones
The Doors
Deep Purple
Jimi Hendrix
The Rolling Stones
by astrocom June 05, 2005

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