The same tired old thing repeated endlessly. Where shitty pop music comes and goes, classic rock stays, and decays forever.
I have nothing against the people who listen to it, nor do I have a problem with the music itself(however stale it may be), but it seems today, everyone who I meet who enjoys classic rock is a pretentious asshole. People like to say that it's so amazing because it's the foundation of today's music. So now we have someone to hold responsible for the shit on our radio's. Oh, and every single station is an oldy station. How about someone grows a backbone and shows the crowd something new and unheard of.
I, personally, am tired of being judged by these conceited pricks, because "my music is not up to par" with theirs. Deep Purple sucks. ACDC blows. If the people who listen to this would stop critiquing today's music long enough to realize that people were saying the same shit about the music they listen to THREE decades ago, maybe they'd stop being so stuck up.
Creation is not creation unless it's never been done before. Without out originality, creation is meerly a repeat of what's been done before. This is probably why our generation is void of any distinguishing characteristics, because we thieve off the prior. Classic Rock is the same as Rap, and people need to get with the times, wize up a little, see a local show, promote local arts and creation, and maybe, just maybe, we can add a little colour to this bland world of ours.
"My Classic Rock vinyls are far superior to an mp3."
"Is that mold?"
"Why yes, but it only adds value to my mint "Welcome to My Nightmare" Album by Alice Cooper. It's limited print you know."
by FierceGrape March 17, 2006
Perhaps the greatest and most inspirational genre of music, classic rock is also known as "Hair Metal". The name "Hair Metal" originated because of bands like Mötley Crüe, Van Halen and others. The enormous hair and skin tight leather pants, lyrics about girls and booze, and "fuck you" attitude is what sums up a classic rock band. Such bands were mostly popular in the 80's, but continue to live on in the hearts of many metalheads today.
Bands like Guns N' Roses, AC/DC, Judas Priest, Black Sabbath, Twisted Sister, and Def Leppard are all classic rock bands. Classic rock will forever live on.
by Proud To Be American December 08, 2004
As we all know after listening to Classical Music, Classic means crap which is a perfect description for this filth.

Classic Rock is a desolate tract of ogerish yobs pluking metal strings attached to blocks of wood and bashing trashcans with sticks while a very feminine castrated man that all sound like Robert 'I hate girls' Plant screams "Whole Lotta Love" and not one mention of smacking ya bitch or pimpin' ya ride is heard.

Go on and search for Led Zeppelin and look at the Biography. They invented Metal which everybody hates and they stole all their riffs from other non-rap therefore crap artists. I haven't heard them but anyone that has to steal their music must be totally talentless because rock requires no talent to begin with unlike rap.

Listen to P.Diddy's 'Come With Me'. It has pretty corny lyircs but the beat is incredible and is better than anything Led Zeppelin could steal.

Rap was orginated by black artists unlike rock which Elvis created. Because we are better than you rap is far superior. If you disagree you are a racist and a neo-nazi KKK motherfucker!

My dad made me listen to 'Dark Side of the Moon' by Stink Floud and it only swore once! What a piece of crap! It is no masterpieve like 'Beg for Mercy' I can tell you.

I urge all you are old people living in the past to grow up. Times are changing, get with it, just the revolution. Music is finally good and you're still stuck in the 70s when it sucked!
If you listen to the music carefully, you'll notice, yes it is true, NONE of it is computer generated. It's all guitar crap! Who wants to hear a Satan worshipping drug addict scream about 'I WANT MA DRUGGGSSSS, GIMMMEEEE MYYY DRRUGGGSSS!'
by Real Gangsta in da House July 11, 2005

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