Clarky says, "**seagull screach**"
he can do that.
by the 2 feesh February 05, 2009
Top Definition
A Clarky is the coolest mother fucker you will ever meet. A Clarky can be either gender as long as they posess all the qualities a kickass person should.
that kid matt is fuckin clarky
by Speakdatruth March 08, 2006
Some one who is sexy, but in a very subtle way.
Person One: Woah, that bloke over there is fit!
Person Two: No, he's more clarky than fit.
Person One: I agree.
by |Georgie| June 10, 2005
one who takes computer hardware
dont take that clarky
by thelus June 25, 2003
one that's always suave
People notice he's always relaxed
by Clarky December 16, 2003
1. v. it. - to slowly become whiter and gayer every day, whilst annoying everyone you talk to

2. v. t. - to annoy the shit out of someone, possibly making them stupider and whiter by talking to them
1. Dude I heard andreas has been clarkying since last year.

2. Dude stop clarkying me! I can feel my intelligence dropping, and look! I just got paler!
by fethi March 07, 2005
someone who is rediculously goofy. alternatively used by zookeepers as a nickname for the small birds that pick the poo kernals out of rhinosaurus's asses
i knew this guy who broke my may watch with a bb gun. what a clarky douchebag.
by stella_artois January 27, 2005
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