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A high school located in Clarkston Michigan. It is said that CHS is full of a bunch of "rich bitches" that only wear Hollister and Abercrombie, which is true. You tend to be this way until you reach Junior year and then quickly change to wearing things you buy from Pink and become obsessed with Vera Bradley. Iphones are also very common at CHS. If you don't have an iphone by 8th grade, you are likely to possess one soon,or at least before you graduate. If that doesn't happen you have an ipod touch. If neither of the previously stated facts apply to you, or you don't own anything that Apple has supplied in the last 6 months, you don't belong at CHS. You should transfer. The only thing worse than the stuck up girls is the cocky, athletic boys. If you don't play Football, you play Basketball, and if you don't play basketball, you are a poser. Most guys are also gamers too. Every guy plays a video game that in nearby towns, would be classified as nerdy, but girls here are used to it and know that they will never get anything better unless they leave Clarkston. Friday nights are for football games and Saturday morning you will find many high schoolers at Leos, most of them looking like they just rolled out of bed. If you haven't been in this situation, you are a high class bitch that only goes to LA Cafe and listens to open mic night on Friday evenings and drinks low fat mocha lattes. If you are from CHS, you know you stay in Clarkston, because you won't fit anywhere else.
Cory Smith- Dude, we need to destroy those Dragons tonight, plus, we all know fire isn't the only thing they blow...

Mitch Jonhson- Dude, that joke is so old, no one from Clarkston High School says that anymore....


Lauren Smith- Oh. My. God. Did you see the iphone 4g, lets totally take a trip to Somerset, so we can shop at Apple, Pink! and Vera, I need a new bag.

Katlyn Jonhson- Let's go, can we stop at T. Smooth first though, just got a text and smoothies are buy one get one free. I def need to get the Beach Bum white Chocolate again with Splenda, or the Bahama Mama, both are so good.
by Gagagagagagagagaga August 10, 2010
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You know when you are in Clarkston when you find a community of smart all too willing to help families. CHS students are focused on there education and future. Often you will find that most of Clarkston has split their attention (i.e. a big athletic community (Have you seen there sports arena?) ).They are full of football, track, and soccer jocks. These students and the school are often mistaken for "white rich kid stuff who have there Vera Wang and huge additudes" to be truthful the school was built off of a ton of fundraising and the stereo type is only for a very small portion of the community. The academical out look is a very high standard, for a lucky few this means Clarkston Science Math and Technology Academy (CSMTA) or International Bachaloriete (IB) and they dont flaunt it either. Clarkston is a wonderfull community with an awesome high school.
Jack- hey nice job on your touch down last night!

Adam- thanks! man im just glad we beat the dragons

Jack- i know rite? wats the total between us now us winning in game count 11-10?

Adam- i think so.


Adam-o crap i gotta go huge test this hour!

Jack- oh yeh me 2 c ya l8r!

Jen- hey good job at the Clarkston High School home game last night!

Adam/Jack- thanks!
by Olive Nicole July 28, 2011
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