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If you have read the definition of Clarkston High School, take that, but make it worse. CJHS is full of a bunch of Freshman, that look at themselves as highschoolers, but in reality, they aren't. Because they are still stuck in a Junior high. The only thing worse than the wanna-be freshman is the imature eighth graders. The boys are cocky, the girls are full of themselves, and it is an overall bad place to be. If you even consider wearing yogs to school, think twice, because your ass WILL be grabbed at least 6 times. If you think you fit in, think again. Because the only way you will ever fit in in this hellhole is if you wear hollister everyday of your life, have a big ass, and if you are borderline retarded. Clarkston is full of a bunch of dumbass' that look at themselves as smart, but for some reason will never make it anywhere, well, because they are from Clarkston.
Teacher- You're shirt is wayyyy too low. It's too revealing

Student- I'm wearing a turtle neck.....

Teacher- But this is Clarkston Junior High School, nothing is appropriate enough.

Student- K, then I'll just go put my cult dress on.
by ieshlkfdvjdslxkgvn September 25, 2010

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