An unexpected release of gas out of the ear. Usually very obnoxious and mistaken for a fart. Clarks tend to occur after earthquakes or before going on a roller coaster and they release a toxic looking gas called AH otherwise known as EUWL!!
"I don't wanna go to the boardwalk man - all those roller coasters equal loads of clarks"

"I understand man, you don't want EUWL all over your girlfriend"
by redbluegreen May 29, 2007
Top Definition
(v.) Performing badly at almost everything; sports, video games, career, affairs of the heart etc. Person who exemplifies these traits.
Jeff wants to join our basketball team, but he can't because he clarks everything up.
by Jon September 15, 2003
A square jaw as hard as granite, that can cut you just by looking at it. Gorgeous hair and built like Tarzan, this is a gentle beast of a man. Clark is the guy who turned down Dos Equis when they wanted to have him be their spokesman for the most interesting man in the world. While his looks are outstanding, they are only out done by his brains. Sharp as a razor blade, and quick as a whip, you do not want to challenge this fellow to a game of words with friends. Unless you like to lose, a lot. This is the type of guy who will arm wrestle a biker and win, and then turn around and sing a lullaby to a baby to put them to sleep. He's the perfect man, wrapped in the perfect man.
Dude, you just won the nobel peace prize, found the cure for cancer and delivered a baby, you are so Clark.
by Verb Ninja December 11, 2012
A very smart and intelligent man. Very handsome and usually very popular, with a somewhat reputation for being a bad boy. Is usually why women fall all over him or crush on him for years on end. He controls most social environments and situations with his tounge and razor sharp intellect. And is always successfull in his pursuits' and comes out on top of every situation while other people look on with envy. This can be one of the nicest guys you meet, however he does have a dark side. If you threaten this guy or even attempt take him as a fool. He can snap instantaneously. And leave you hurt physically or emotionally. Most men wouldn't dare go up against this fellow.
Hey its Clark, what's up Clark!
by viv lee February 27, 2014
A man who loves you no matter what. A superhero of sorts. When you meet a Clark you will know he is special. Clarks are genuine, and kind. Clarks try to "save the day" in any situation. They may be easy going, and mild mannered, but they really are Superman in disguise
Look at that Clark he is really a super guy
by loislane1120 January 08, 2013
(French) Cleric or Scholar

Clarks are frindly, fun loving, personable, upbeat, and generous creatures. They have a lot of friends and are good with children and animals.

However, do Not anger this creature. Once angered, it will exact revenge in a most painful manner.
The kids just love him! He's such a Clark!
by ~kitsune~ May 30, 2011
To thwack, a blunt hit.
I clarked him in the face with a brick.
by Effed November 06, 2003
A town in New Jersey which consists of 99.999% white people. To that extent everyone there is a racist son of a bitch who burn down black people's houses.
Clark officer: do you know why I pulled you over?

Hispanic man: no

Clark officer: you're threatening me! do you want me to shoot you?

man walks away with $250 ticket for having an accent
by Amanda Pyle February 14, 2015

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