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Conjoined name of the popular Smallville TV couple Clark (Tom Welling) and Lana (Kristin Kreuk). Coined by fanfiction writers and the Clark-Lana/Welling-Kreuk fangroup.
1: Clana forever!!
2: No, I much prefer Shoone....
by MrKapper November 30, 2005
1. noun - (shippus pukeititus)

a) A term used to describe an ultimately annoying on screen couple.

b) Ultimately badly written characters.

c) The sound a dog makes when it's kicked in the groin region.

d) The color of vomit.

2. adj. - Description for an an annoying fanbase. Origins of this word trace back to CW series Smallville for Clark/Lana shippers.
The Clanas just ruined my tv time.

Hey Joe, did you know that your dog just made a clanas?

Clark and Lana are just so compeltely clanas!

Did you see the clanas on the floor? It's completely disgusting!
by PinkPrincess January 23, 2007