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A girl with short hair and brown eyes.Claire May be a bit hairy but she has great boobs and ass. She is very self conscious so never hurt her feelings. She may be suicidal if people call her "fat" or ugly. Claire is honest and a great friend.
"Nice tits, Claire g!"

"She's so self conscious. Must be Claire."
by karmacandy May 12, 2014
The prettiest girl you will ever meet, with large boobs and a great body. Recently broke up with her hot boyfriend Iain
Damn, Claire is so hot, I wish she'd date me"
by Not perfect May 27, 2014
She is a Bomb ass mother FUCKER! She LOVES cats and peeps.
claire-Heyyyyy what up motherfuckers!
Everyone else - ayeee claire here!
by Booty_ licious_$waqgg_Yolo May 20, 2013
Amazing Artist, Worth millions, Creator of minions and elementary envelopes that scare away the mail man, twin of Shaina, sneaky and conniving. Reads minds, bracelet maker, disapproves of the usage of drugs and alcohol and SEX. Will be the first artist, twin president. Thoughtful, blonde, and a party animal. Doesnt buy people dinner before sleeping with them. Secretly buys drugs, but does not use them. Got married in vegas one time. Loves bugs life, and finding nemo. Also, encourages gay marriages. Claire is GOING to be the best person ever.
"Man Emylee, did you see that girl?"
"Yeah Marissa, She was Definitely a CLAIRE."
"I want one."
"Don't worry, she will send you a minion in the mail."

Thats whats GOING on.
by The TRUth Speaka June 12, 2011
Sexy, Hot body, Tight Body but loose Vagina. She's great in bed. A beast. Love to take it in the ass. But will take it wherever you want to give it. Gives great blow jobs. And will satisfy you in bed. She'll give you great pleasure
Football player #1: You know that Claire? She loves it rough.
Player #2: I know we did it last night. Damn that girl.
*Whole Football Team* Claire! I know her. Naughty Girl.
by thatonedude. November 29, 2013
Someone who is thought by many to be perfect. Is nice to hang out with when you're alone but if someone else comes along she will almost definately ditch you. She pretends to be innocent but it's just an act.
Claire used to be my best friend.
by sportygirl1191 September 24, 2011
1. a mean girl who everyone hates but won't admit it.

2. the girl who has the same as a bitch but this claire is totally nice and everyone loves her.
3. i dont care she's a bitch
??????:hey did you see that whore?

???: i heard her name is claire.....
by slut? nawww just a bitch:) December 10, 2011