Claire's like to have fun. Normally Blonde hair and grey, blue, or green eyes. Can be moody, and sometimes dramatic, Claire's have no worries. They enjoy the small things, sometimes easily distracted, and saying random things no one understands. They date guys called Michael, fall in love extremely quickly,blike older guys and always try really hard to get the guy. Even though she tries extremely hard, she falls short of what the guy is looking for, and is rejected. Her boyfriend treats her like a princess, because after all shes been through, thats exactly what she deserves. She loves all of her friends, and loves hanging out with her guy friends. Her guy friends mean the absolute world to her and she never wants to lose them. She has bad self esteem issues and never ever believes it when someone gives her a compliment. She comes across as loud and out going but when you get into a deep and meaningful conversation with Claire, you'll see a side you didnt know existed. She is very thin and extremely gorgeous.

Always find a friend called Claire.
Girl 1: Did you just see Claire walk past?
Girl 2: Yeah wasn't she with her best friend Rhys?
Girl 1: Obviously they care about each other a lot.
by Someone who loves Claire February 15, 2014
She's nice.

She's beautiful.

She's smart.

She's an athlete.

She's a good friend.

She'll make you laugh.
claire wow that Claire she sure is beautiful
by Shortnitzke December 30, 2013
A brown haired girl with hazel eyes. She loves dance especially ballet. She isn't to good at sports but still has many friends..she loves each an everyone of her friends and loves her family. She has a love for big places like the city but definitely needs her personal space. She likes outdoors when the the weather is right. Boys love her but also as a good friend she loves good music, country normally calms her down. Likes historical movies shows and books as well as modern. She is very bright and but doesn't show that much in school. She is beautiful on the inside and out with pretty features whitch she does not believe she has. she also has a kind heart.
"Man, I wish I was a Claire"
by Someonewrotethis February 07, 2013
A super-mega-awesome-hot person who all the guys chase. She makes all the girls cry and does not give sympathy. She is a super sexy beast and funny. She is a goddess of hottness. Her ass is super fine too.
Guy 1: God that Claire is so sexxy!

Girl 1: I no! I want her so bad! Dayummm I want to ride her like a horse! Gidde up!
by yourninja11 September 13, 2011
A girl with long brown hair, blue eyes, and typically short. They are known for liking guys that are much taller then themselves. They can always make you laugh, brighten up your day, always will have your back.
Oh my gosh. She's such a Claire. I wish I was more like her.
by Rachel Serr May 29, 2013
Good neighbours, who are kind even though they like to spend their day inside their room. They can be quiet at times, and super loud at others. Overall she is a great person.
My Neighbour is such a Claire
by Neighbour65 March 04, 2013
Claire's has good jewelry for all ages. Icing by claire's has better dangling earrings though. There are usually some good sales going on. It has good present ideas when you want to get your friends some cute accesories!
I got my friend a ring and some really cute dangling earrings!

I got my ears pierced at claire's!
by Rachael Hilston June 18, 2005

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