Claire is a common name for girls. Means clear in french.

Claire can also mean a beautiful girl who many men are attracted too. In some versions, Claire is said to stand out in a good way, is very cute and clumsy, or is an intelligent, athletic and attractive girl. In many versions, she has many friends but many people are jealous of Claire. She is also known to have a wonderful body.
Man look at those curves! She is definitely a Claire!
by Muffins4C July 07, 2011
someone you'll never forget. she'll make sure you remember her. secretly has one best friend, its not obvious but she's mysterious, good athlete, has one boy that she loves with a passion, popular, hot, rockin bod specially a$$(; sexyyy and sweeet. 0nce you get to know her you'll lovee err
claire's so hot
oh yeaa
by luvrboii December 27, 2011
A store located in most malls in America. They sell cheap, inexpensive jewelry to twelve year old girls.They also pierce ears.
I work at Claire's and for all the people that complain about the jewelry breaking and being paid 3 fuckin dollars for it!!!!!!!!!!!!How long do you expect it to last?!?

P.S. if you shop at Claire's and you drop something or knock something over please take the time to pick it up....its called common curtosy and common sense.
by sammys May 01, 2006
Claire's are amazing. They are really sweet, caring, pretty, honestly perfect. They have the biggest hearts and love both family and friends. They do crush a little but they don't need a silly boy to make them happy. Claire's may be a little shy at first but once you get to know them they are very interesting and have a lot of things to say. They tend to have a really big love for God which is great! They are very independent and don't let one persons opinion take them down. Claire's also have an amazing fashion sense and start new trends. They are really cool!
She's so dang nice, must be claire.
by swagstickssss February 25, 2014
Claire is a girl who is gorgeous, however it takes a while for people to notice her beauty. She is outgoing, athletic, well rounded. She is not the girl to go around sleeping with guys. She is not a whore however still get guys. Guys love Claires! Claire is usually someone who is an amazing friend. Someone who is always there for you even if she hates your guts. She is very social and is never shy. She loves music, country usually relaxes her. Claires have many talents... singing, guitar, and almost any sport you can think of. Claires are not usually short but a really good height with long beautiful legs and quite skinny. People call her anorexic but it is just her body type. The Claire I'm explaining seems perfect doesn't she? Like every girl she has her insecurities and no matter how confident she seems to be, you never know what she is feeling inside. Claires are so loving, caring, great kissers, beautiful and an amazing friend. She has an amazing family that people are jealous of.

How do I know?
Claire is my best girl friend.
Wow, Claire is beautiful and perfect
by andrew_dot May 11, 2013
Someone you always call babe and is absolutely gorgeous , perfect , and the best person on the earth in every single way . She is a girl you will cherish and love forever and will always want to spend every second of your life with her.
" I love claire she is my babe <3 "

" Do you have a claire in you're life? "
by Kaumakani123 March 12, 2012
Usually tall, Hella pretty, big brown eyes, loves to have fun, is loved by everyone, usually popular, guys love her and are all over her. You can usually find her in the middle of a group of boys. she is often very athletic and plays a lot of sports. extremely funny and outgoing. she has lots of friends and is always there for them. Many girls are jelouse of her. She is very unique and wierd in a cute way. cool chick. drop dead beautiful...
OMG! Who's that cool chick? must be a claire.
by *spunkyspencer November 28, 2011
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