The most amazing girl you'll ever meet. She's really sexy and she has a great personality that goes along with her sexy features.
"That Claire is a BABE."

"Look at that Claire!"
by Motherefferrrrrrr May 22, 2010
A fun loving friend who likes all things kinky! she is always making funny jokes to make you laugh!!! =P
Claire really knows how to party! Claire im sure you know who has wrote this!!! =P LOL
by ??? who??? me??? July 21, 2009
A weird girl that is artistic. All her friends come to her for relationship (and other) advice, even though she is usually single. Always ready to put up a fight for herself or her friends, she is a super sexy chick who has sass written all over her. Even with her wild attitude, she is wise and caring, making a Claire a natural born leader.
I wish I was a Claire!
by Fiarya December 26, 2011
A bitch that doesn't care about anyone but herself
Everyone hates her, she's a Claire
by Smile everyday!! May 14, 2015
Claire is an awesome girl dark brown hair hazel eyes medium height, plays lots of sports and is very good at them. Has tons of friends and loves all of them and is always there for them. Has lots of guys falling for her. Friends mean the world to this perfectly beautiful girl. ILY!!
omg that was amazing why can't i do that??? cuz you're not a Claire!!
by blahblah4321 February 19, 2010
A store located in most malls in America. They sell cheap, inexpensive jewelry to twelve year old girls.They also pierce ears.
I work at Claire's and for all the people that complain about the jewelry breaking and being paid 3 fuckin dollars for it!!!!!!!!!!!!How long do you expect it to last?!?

P.S. if you shop at Claire's and you drop something or knock something over please take the time to pick it up....its called common curtosy and common sense.
by sammys May 01, 2006
Claire is a common name for girls. Means clear in french.

Claire can also mean a beautiful girl who many men are attracted too. In some versions, Claire is said to stand out in a good way, is very cute and clumsy, or is an intelligent, athletic and attractive girl. In many versions, she has many friends but many people are jealous of Claire. She is also known to have a wonderful body.
Man look at those curves! She is definitely a Claire!
by Muffins4C July 07, 2011

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