an all around cool chick; pretty awesome
Claire is the life of the party.
by aaaayo_charms April 15, 2009
Claire bear (Killer C) pretty much is:
1. The funniest chick you will ever meet.
2. Is not a skank, is only just small - ish and skinny.
3. Has to like supernatural more then 24, or else.
4. Has extremely sexy and cute hands, everyone is jealous of them.
5. Is the best girl you will meet, and all the girls want to be her.

1. I love your hands
1. they are cute and sexy, they look like claire's hands
by Killer W March 20, 2009
Claire is a type of person who knows what she wants out of life. she is confident, honest and beautiful! She'll always be there when you need her and would never turn you away in your time of need. She is intelligent because she makes an effort with everything she does in her life. She reaches her goals and is ambitious. She is an amazing friend an incredible sister and one of the most beautiful people i've ever met. You'll never meet anyone better.
Person 1: "I've made such a mess of things"

Person 2: "Call Claire she'll know what to do"
by Stidders123 September 08, 2010

A very perfect, sweet, amazing, smart, HOTT person. One who has the perfect mix of humor, personality, and hot bod. One who looks amazing in cheetah spandex.

The act of being hot.
"Oh my god, did you see how cool that girl was? She must be a Claire."
"That dress looks so Claire on you!!"
by Lalalala103 January 09, 2010
A magical rainbow stretching over a field of unicorns.
Mike will love claire forever and hopes she knows it.
by a deer in headlights September 08, 2010
Claire deserves your immediate attention. Claire makes effort look effortless. Claire stays up late and still looks gorgeous. Claire has no love for logic. Claire loves fast. Everyone cares what Claire says. Claire gets in everywhere. Claire can't be ordinary even if she tries. Claire pays for itself in the first five seconds. Claire doesnt care at all what others are doing. Claire was born that way. Claire trumps everything. Claire is worth it.
Being in love with Claire is a dream.
by The-Outfield January 17, 2011
A cute, funny, and boisterous being sporting a wonderful hinie. The ass master. Many great works of art have stemmed from her gluteus maximums.
OMG did you see that girl? She's asstacular, she must be a Claire.
by babyjesuses4u August 21, 2009

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