Claire is the most beautiful thing we've ever seen.

Claire is like a fresh spring rain after hot sex.

Claire is the Grammar Goddess.
Claire sits unelected atop her avian perch.
by Jacques Asse May 27, 2009
A girl with ginormous friggin boobs.
dayummm claireeee
by bigcattyd December 12, 2010
She is a Bomb ass mother FUCKER! She LOVES cats and peeps.
claire-Heyyyyy what up motherfuckers!
Everyone else - ayeee claire here!
by Booty_ licious_$waqgg_Yolo May 20, 2013
Ridiculous gorgeous girl. has the body of a goddess and can make you smile like no other. she gets WHOEVER she wants. girls want the guys she dates and guys want to be him. Oftentimes, Claire's are seen with Charles's.
1.Holy fuck. That claire just looked at me. BONER

2. God damnit i hate that charles. he got that claire.
by ccshbg11309 July 08, 2009
A girl who is way into video games, art, anime, cosplay, and comics. She probably knows more about video games than you. She is a total dork, and likes to draw fan art. Her favorite games are normally sand box or rpg games.
I was on Call Of Duty, then this Claire just comes up and beats my ass.
by lacking jazz February 26, 2015
Claire is a hot, beautiful, sexy person. She is tall and spends time in making herself look good. Boys chase her and hunt her down. But she doesn't find any interest in them. She likes guys who are the ones who don't go for her. She is hot and a living Godess. Has a sexy body and knows how to use it. Her style is fabulous. She is caring and loves to make everyone happy. She has been hurt but doesn't show it. She acts happy when she is insecure and lacking confidence. She knows how to have a good time. She makes loads of people jealous. She loyal and reliable. Trustworthy. She tends to like older boys. Naughty, funny and hot.
Boy - "I need a Claire in my life, she is so hot"
Girl - "why does everyone like her"
Boy - "look at claire"
by Hot_Señorita September 24, 2015
A girl who will let you smash on her period and only tell you once it's too late.
"Jesus, I need a new set of sheets after last night. Classic Claire."
by Conch Fritter April 10, 2016
A common girls name, typically is a responsible person and/or works for a federal association
"Be careful of Claire she could be a fed"
by Haggis unnecessary August 10, 2015

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