Claire is the most beautiful thing we've ever seen.

Claire is like a fresh spring rain after hot sex.

Claire is the Grammar Goddess.
Claire sits unelected atop her avian perch.
by Jacques Asse May 27, 2009
Someone who is thought by many to be perfect. Is nice to hang out with when you're alone but if someone else comes along she will almost definately ditch you. She pretends to be innocent but it's just an act.
Claire used to be my best friend.
by sportygirl1191 September 24, 2011
1. a mean girl who everyone hates but won't admit it.

2. the girl who has the same as a bitch but this claire is totally nice and everyone loves her.
3. i dont care she's a bitch
??????:hey did you see that whore?

???: i heard her name is claire.....
by slut? nawww just a bitch:) December 10, 2011
A huge slut who chats up every guy she see's, A Claire will act innocent but deep down she's a true whore.
Hey, that girl over there is a real Claire.
by sauceboss13 July 22, 2011
Claire is a Beuatiful Person and is amazing, she is intelligant and funny, she is wanted by every boy in the planet but turns them all down because shes secretly a lesbian and is in love with Abbey and Ellen.
Oit Claire
Go out with me

Im a lez
by babygirl1234pomp December 09, 2010
A strange, tall girl who often breaks her toes when doing anything. But this girl is so JANK. she is a deer hunting indian with a middle name of jezabell. she can pull off sexy and is ghetto fabulous and she is turned on by people doing crab dances and painting her nails
Claire is so JANK!
by nerdropelover July 27, 2010
An asian who is blonde.
Boy 1: I wish asians were blonde.
Boy 2: Havent you met claire?
by ieatbabies123 February 21, 2009
the best jewelry and make-up store in the world.
i got my ears peirced at claire's!
by inom May 03, 2005

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