Claire is the most beautiful thing we've ever seen.

Claire is like a fresh spring rain after hot sex.

Claire is the Grammar Goddess.
Claire sits unelected atop her avian perch.
by Jacques Asse May 27, 2009
Others see Claire's as sensible, cautious, careful and practical. They see Claire's as clever, gifted, or talented, but modest. Not a person who makes friends quickly or easily, but Claire's are extremely loyal to friends they do make and who expect the same loyalty in return. Those who really get to know claire's realize it takes a lot to shake Claire's trust in Claire's friends, but equally that it takes a long time for Claire's to get over it if that trust is ever broken.
Claire is one of the most trust worthy people I know.
by Ewitsme February 11, 2015
A Claire is an amazing person who always pays attention to her friends needs. She isn't selfish, but sometimes she wishes that someone would do the same things for her as she does for them. She is beautiful but refuses to admit it. She likes animals, but mostly cats. She is a phenomenal singer. She loves to learn, but doesn't really like school. She tends to become attached to people easily and has a hard time letting go of old crushes or former boyfriends. She has more than one best friend and she treats them with equal love and respect.
"Wow, that girl is really beautiful!"
"Yeah, that's Claire."
by Techrae February 11, 2015
A person composed of all things fluffy and nice. The general characteristics that will stand out first in a Claire is her intelligence, kindness, adorableness, and that she is a Hufflepuff through and through, all that good stuff. When you truly get to know her, many words could describe her good persona, but since there are far too many I shall describe her simply as indescribable. She is one of my best friends, love ya five ever bub. ^_^
I want to be like Claire when I grow up.
by Lollipoplicker January 01, 2015
On the outside, she's gorgeous, smart and funny. On the inside, she's loving, passionate and caring. Every single thing about her makes you want her so badly. She's the girl who at times has no confidence in herself, whether that be in sports or in life. But she should know that she shines like the brightest star in the universe to everyone who truly knows her. She can make anyone's bad day a great one, someone you can always lean on when you feel down. She means so much more to people than she knows. She's the person who you try to ignore but can't ever stop thinking about. She's the person who always has something she thinks is the funniest thing ever, and yes, at times it isn't really funny, just listening to the excitement and joy in her voice makes you laugh along with her. She's the girl you always want to be with, but separation makes you realize how truly special and unique she is.
Wow, I'm crazy in love with Claire.
by SquatsIsMyLife October 30, 2014
A girl with short hair and brown eyes.Claire May be a bit hairy but she has great boobs and ass. She is very self conscious so never hurt her feelings. She may be suicidal if people call her "fat" or ugly. Claire is honest and a great friend.
"Nice tits, Claire g!"

"She's so self conscious. Must be Claire."
by karmacandy May 12, 2014
A girl with ginormous friggin boobs.
dayummm claireeee
by bigcattyd December 12, 2010
a super slut that gets her talons out with anyone of gal. she will ruin your life. A bitch who looses all of her friends because of her personality of a "flirt". don't get this girl in bed because she might go bipolar. She is a pretty good tweeter and will show her moves to anyone
John-- WOAH! That girl went claire on me last night
Tom--that's my type. I need a girl like that in my room
by catherinelb123 February 27, 2015

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