One o'dem fancy "wor battle." Mah Conf-fedda-rit ancestry got tired o'dem lazy, drunken, slobs o'da nawth. General Lee put up some good fightin' for a while, but got bored with how the Nawth were a little dull in tha head. He gave up, and it 'twas a nudder vic'try for 'ar ancestry. T'day we still strong as the CON-FEEDDER-IT STATES O'A-MARE-KA.
bless tha lawd we won that "civil war battle" o we wouda got no mo' niggas to run the fields.
by A Little Pinprick September 07, 2006
The act of dippin with two uppers, and two lowers, all in a different corner of the mouth at the same time.
Tony loves Skoal Straight so much that he has been known to throw in a civil war regularrly
by Bdigitty October 07, 2003
What America is on the brink of.
America is on the brink of another civil war thanks to Bill Clinton dividing everyone against eachother
so well.
by <o><o> check his fuckin head August 24, 2004
Nipple Peircing (multiple in one nipple)
She has a civil war on both tits.
by Nekkid August 12, 2003
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